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#Welter is one of seven interns Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has brought aboard, and her work with the inside
07-29 19:59

RT @kikivavupa: Suggestions about the #health. vimax
07-29 19:56

Protected practices pertaining to better #wellbeing.
07-29 19:56

#Scientists Have #Discovered What Robespierre Suffered
07-29 19:55

RT @_stealherheart: I like to cha cha
07-29 19:54

RT @KlaeBeats: Beats For Sale @
07-29 19:53

- How you look at drinking?- Fixedly.
07-29 19:52

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A Motor Vehicle Accident With Teens
07-28 02:14

RT @InsuranceBizNZ: Major insurance player expands regional product offering
07-28 02:12

RT @lelemyvowuga: #Tips On How To Stay Warm And Safe In Cold #Weather
07-28 02:11

#Simple data forever #health and #fitness. erection stiffens ralph in life drawing cl
07-28 02:10

The episode picks up after the events of last season's finale, in which a crazy house party drove #Rick to freeze
07-28 02:08

Again on Stemford Bridge! Again football, mother! Again!... Cunt to Berdyev.
07-28 02:06

RT @TerrenceEdwards: If you plant your feet and pay attention, you'll always find a way out of a tough situation.
07-28 02:06

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07-26 10:21

#Autism And #Suicide
07-26 10:21

RT @zwibikec: The Human #Brain #Reacts #Differently To The Use Of Fructose And Glucose
07-26 10:20

RT @Known_Principle: Pay attention to how people act when you're not on good terms.
07-26 10:16

One of the best things about #“Wayward #Pines” was how it kept switching genres: It started off as a supernatural
07-26 10:15

Straightforward data forever #wellness. fav store net
07-26 10:13

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If the girl laughs at yours not ridiculous jokes, means, you beautiful.
07-24 18:55

For #higher #wellbeing behoshi ki #tablets
07-24 18:54

#Experimental #Diet Pill #Contrave Brought A Small Weight Loss
07-24 18:53

RT @MikeSDL: If you're a plastic surgeon with a catalog of pictures, does that mean you help people pick their nose?
07-24 18:52

RT @goldspecs: Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.#SteveKloves
07-24 18:52

RT @jayjayposts: You've gotta judge a man by his principles!
07-24 18:49

#Converse gives its product line a fresh kick today, as the Nike brand unveils a new versi…
07-24 18:47

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Intended for better #wellness. vimax vila olimpia
07-23 00:50

Anaemia And #Breast #Feeding
07-23 00:48

“We're told Blake heard rumors Miranda had hooked up with country singer #Chris #Young
07-23 00:47

RT @zyzeqapif: #Americans Are #Promoting A #Healthy Lifestyle
07-23 00:45

Lives not in a year, and in a mouth
07-23 00:42

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#Statistics Of The #Earliest #Opportunity To Diagnose Asymptomatic Life-Threatening Disease
07-21 07:29

RT @mcamarketing546: When Life Give You Lemons...
07-21 07:28

ST ANDREWS, Scotland – It was only fitting a playoff would bring to a close the 144th #British #Open at the Home of
07-21 07:28

The virgin, Torres pay back.
07-21 07:26

RT @AnimaIPic: baby otter dreaming, that is all.
07-21 07:25

RT @twihufom: New #Methods Of #Diagnosis Of #Stroke
07-21 07:24

For #greater #health. clonazepam
07-21 07:23

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RT @CNBC: On this day in 2003, Apple unveiled the Power Mac desktop computer.
07-19 12:55

RT @360verified: Bed Bath & Beyond# CEO Says #Digital #Technology Impacts #Customer #Engagement -
07-19 12:54

#Prevention Of #Cardiovascular #Diseases By Dietary Supplements
07-19 12:51

Left after work tired; and ten women, and I badly behaved, not with them, and with darling, self-denying Dusan. Has reproached him.…
07-19 12:50

RT @iwehugujxa: A #Blood #Transfusion And #Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
07-19 12:50

MINNEAPOLIS — As the Twin Cities area cleans up from overnight storms, #Xcel #Energy
07-19 12:48

#Simple details once and for all #wellness. provillus
07-19 12:47

July Effect For Stroke Patients

July Effect For Stroke Patients.

People who live strokes in July - the month when medical trainees institute their hospital work - don't traveller any worse than stroke patients treated the rest of the year, a new study finds. Researchers investigating the professed "July effect" found that when recent medical school graduates begin their residency programs every summer in teaching hospitals, this conversion doesn't reduce the quality of care for patients with vital medical conditions, such as stroke "We found there was no higher rate of deaths after 30 or 90 days, no poorer or greater rates of unfitness or loss of independence and no evidence of a July effect for pulsation patients," said the study's lead author, Dr Gustavo Saposnik, director of the Stroke Research Center of St Michael's Hospital, Toronto, in a nursing home news release.

For the study, published recently in the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, the researchers examined records on more than 10300 patients who had an ischemic happening (stroke caused by a blood clot) between July 2003 and March 2008 antehealth. They also analyzed measure of hospitalization, referrals to long-term grief facilities and lack for readmission or emergency room treatment for a stroke or any other reason in the month after their discharge.

Read more

tag : stroke patients effect study researchers strokes month medical treated

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RT @Warajected642: Universal Term Life Insurance Guide 101 >> #LifeInsurance
07-17 14:26

RT @NeuvooFinTO: Apply now to work for Bell as #Financial #Analyst in #Toronto #jobs
07-17 14:22

RT @Abigailpigeon: Stick me where on a site of the Savings Bank it is possible to transfer #Webmoney into account in rubles?
07-17 14:22

TV Ads For #Alcohol And #Health
07-17 14:21

Holding up another a foot, look, on whatthere is your second foot. (Leopold Novak)
07-17 14:20

Easy data for great #wellbeing. #hgh releaser #online shop
07-17 14:20

TLC has canceled its long-running reality show “19 Kids and Counting” almost two months after revelations that
07-17 14:19

Tweets of 14th July


CINCINNATI – In a sport famous for not using a clock, the introduction of one certainly seemed to breathe some life
07-14 17:23

RT @CareEnglandNews: High #nurse turnover rates hitting #carehome sector #nursingshortages
07-14 17:21

That, which reads it and, you are the okhuyenny girl and tomorrow at you will be possible.
07-14 17:21

Still Some #Differences Between The #Behavior Of Men And #Women
07-14 17:20

RT @Goodkindles: If you are looking for a way to #promote your #kindle #book, add it to! Spread the word: http://t.c
07-14 17:19

RT @Debramx1: Guy Throws Surprise Party To Catch His Cheating Wife. (7 Photos)
07-14 17:18

With regard to far better #wellbeing. #online
07-14 17:15



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