Researchers Warn About The Harmful Influence Of TV

Researchers Warn About The Harmful Influence Of TV.

A fresh ruminate on suggests that immersing yourself in news of a shocking and tragic event may not be good for your impassioned health. People who watched, read and listened to the most coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings - six or more hours always - reported the most acute stress levels over the following weeks fatburning. Their symptoms were worse than proletariat who had been directly exposed to the bombings, either by being there or knowing someone who was there.

Those exposed to the media coverage typically reported around 10 more symptoms - such as re-experiencing the blow and sense of foreboding stressed out thinking about it - after the results were adjusted to account for other factors. The study authors believe the findings should raise more concern about the effects of graphic news coverage. The enquiry comes with caveats increase the sex drive of a woman. It's not clear if watching so much coverage directly caused the stress, or if those who were most stricken share something in common that makes them more vulnerable.

Nor is it known whether the stress affected people's mortal health. Still, the findings offer insight into the triggers for stress and its potential to linger, said con author E Alison Holman, an associate professor of nursing science at the University of California, Irvine. "If mortals are more stressed out, that has an impact on every part of our life. But not Dick has those kinds of reactions.

It's important to understand that variation". Holman, who studies how people become stressed, has worked on earlier research that linked acute stress after the 9/11 attacks to later mettle disease in people who hadn't shown signs of it before. Her research has also linked watching the 9/11 attacks live out to a higher rate of later physical problems. In the new study, researchers in use an Internet survey to ask questions of 846 Boston residents, 941 New York City residents and 2888 commonality from the rest of the country.

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New treatment for migraine

New treatment for migraine.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the earliest badge aimed at easing the pain of migraines preceded by aura - sensory disturbances that become manifest just before an attack. About a third of migraine sufferers experience auras. The Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator would be obtained through prescription, the FDA said in a announcement released Friday Dec, 2013. Patients use both hands to hold the hallmark against the back of their head and press a button so that the figure can release a pulse of magnetic energy where can i get raspberry ketones and vimax detox. This pulse stimulates the brain's occipital cortex, which may stopping or ease migraine pain.

And "Millions of people suffer from migraines, and this unfledged device represents a new treatment option for some patients," Christy Foreman, director of the Office of Device Evaluation in the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said in the statement chudayi party. The agency's mandate is based on a adversity involving 201 patients who had suffered moderate-to-strong migraine with aura.

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New Methods Of Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer

New Methods Of Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer.

Women with advanced ovarian cancer who take powerful chemotherapy directly into their stomach area may live at least one year longer than women who pull down standard intravenous chemotherapy, a new study says. But this survival side may come at the expense of more side effects. "The long-term benefits are easy on the eye significant," said study author Dr Devansu Tewari, director of gynecologic oncology at the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, in Orange County sex power kesy barhy gi.. "There is no survey of ovarian cancer treatments that has shown a greater survival advantage".

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy involves bathing the abdominal acreage with chemotherapy agents. By contrast, intravenous (IV) chemotherapy is delivered throughout the body via the bloodstream propecia cost usa. The US National Cancer Institute currently recommends intraperitoneal analysis for women with ovarian cancer who have had well-to-do surgery to separate the tumor.

The 10-year follow-up data from two studies of nearly 900 women with advanced ovarian cancer will be presented Saturday at the annual appointment of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology, in Los Angeles. In 2013, more than 22000 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and more than 14000 will end from the disease, according to the US National Cancer Institute. There are no beforehand screening tests for ovarian cancer, which is why it is often diagnosed when the cancer has already boundary uninvolved of the ovaries.

For this reason, survival rates tend to be very low. In the new study, women who received the intraperitoneal healing were 17 percent more likely to survive longer than those who got IV chemotherapy. On average, women in the intraperitoneal society survived for more than five years, while those who received IV chemotherapy survived for about four years, the swot found. But survival benefits aside, intraperitoneal chemotherapy does consult a greater risk of side effects - such as abdominal aching and numbness in the hands and feet - and not all women can tolerate this high concentration of cancer-killing drugs.

The drugs are also lost more slowly, providing more exposure to the medicine. The same properties that make the intraperitoneal remedial programme more effective likely play a role in causing more side effects, the researchers said. In general, six cycles of intraperitoneal chemotherapy are recommended, and can be given in inpatient or outpatient settings. The more cycles the women completed, the greater their survival advantage, the muse about showed.

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