Diabetes degrades vision

Diabetes degrades vision.

Less than half of adults who are losing their view to diabetes have been told by a physician that diabetes could damage their eyesight, a new study found. Vision ruin is a common complication of diabetes, and is caused by damage that the chronic disease does to the blood vessels within the eye. The can of worms can be successfully treated in nearly all cases, but Johns Hopkins researchers found that many diabetics aren't taking attention of their eyes, and aren't even aware that vision loss is a potential problem ubqari medicine in urdu. Nearly three of every five diabetics in jeopardy of losing their sight told the Hopkins researchers they couldn't nullification a doctor describing to them the link between diabetes and vision loss.

The study appeared in the Dec 19, 2013 online version of the journal JAMA Ophthalmology. About half of people with diabetes said they hadn't seen a health-care provider in the before-mentioned year. And two in five hadn't received a occupied eye exam with dilated pupils, the study authors noted neosize xl plus. "Many of them were not getting to someone to check up on them for eye problems," said study leader Dr Neil Bressler, a professor of ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

And "That's a abashment because in many of these cases you can prescribe for this condition if you catch it in an early enough stage," added Bressler, who is also chief of the retina part at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. One-third of the people said they already had suffered some idea loss related to their diabetes, according to the report. Bressler said vision damage can be prevented or halted in 90 percent to 95 percent of cases, but only if doctors get to patients without delay enough.

Drugs injected into the appreciation can reduce swelling and lower the risk of vision loss to less than 5 percent. Laser psychoanalysis has also been used to treat the condition, the researchers said. Dr Robert Ratner, boss scientific and medical officer for the American Diabetes Association, called the findings "frightening" and "depressing. This speech is an excellent example of where the American health care delivery system has fallen down in an breadth where we can clearly do better".

For the study, researchers used survey data collected by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention between 2005 and 2008 to notice the responses of people with category 2 diabetes who had "diabetic macular edema". This condition occurs when high blood sugar levels associated with below par controlled diabetes cause damage to the small blood vessels in the retina, the light-sensitive accumulation lining the back wall of the eye. As the vessels leak or shrink, they can cause tumour in the macula - a spot near the retina's center that is responsible for your central vision.

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Sexting Can Be Dangerous For Teens

Sexting Can Be Dangerous For Teens.

Sexting is sending out sexually final words messages or photos by cellphone - is fairly common among teens, a unexplored Belgian study finds in Dec 2013. And peer pressure, the enquiry for romance and trust that the recipient will respond positively seem to be the key factors driving sexts. Adolescents disposed to take a mostly benign view of the practice, the researchers found, dwelling little on the future for negative fallout down the road neosize xl plus. Warnings by parents or teachers against the practice appear to fall on deaf ears, with many teens unconcerned about parental monitoring of their phones or the imminent for blackmail or future risk to their reputation.

And "During adolescence, girlish people explore their sexuality and identity, and form different kinds of friendships, including their initial romantic relationships," said study lead author Michel Walrave, an fellow professor in the department of communication studies at the University of Antwerp. "In this circumstance sexting can be used to express their interest in a potential partner," to maintain intimacy while dating, to pledge in "truth-or-dare" flirting or to earn bragging rights among peers pakstani saxe store. The risk of unintended consequences is the problem.

So "As words and images sent can be very likely copied and transmitted, sexting messages can lightning spread to audiences that were not intended by the sender of the message. This can ruin the name of the depicted girl or boy, and lead to mockery or even bullying". The study appeared online in a up to date issue of the journal Behavior and Information Technology. The researchers conducted a written review among nearly 500 Belgian girls and boys between the ages of 15 and 18 who were attending two varied secondary schools.

More than a quarter of the kids said they had sent out a sext during the two months outstanding up to the poll. Girls were found to have a generally more negative view of sexting than boys. However, boys and girls already in outwardly trusting relationships seemed relatively disposed to embrace a behavior they perceived - rightly or wrongly - as agreeable and desirable among their peers, the researchers found. The bottom occupation is that any intervention aimed at curbing teen sexting needs to greet the overriding social environment.

That is, one in which risky, explicit communications with a high potential for blowback are viewed absolutely by friends and romantic partners. "Our study observed that especially the influence of peers is critical in predicting sexting behavior. Why? "Adolescents may be more focused on the short-term positive consequences of sexting, such as gaining prominence of a desired other, than on the possible underestimated short-term and long-term adversarial consequences. "Raising awareness at school could alert young people to the risks of sharing sexually sexual content with a romantic partner, especially if the romance sours".

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Long Distances Traveling Are Dangerous To A Life

Long Distances Traveling Are Dangerous To A Life.

Traveling protracted distances by plane, wheels or train over the holidays can pose health risks if you don't take i a accommodate steps to protect yourself, an expert warns. "One health risk to take into account when traveling is simply sitting for too long," Dr Clayton Cowl, an expert in transportation cure-all at Mayo Clinic, said in a clinic news release natural-breast shop. "Concerns like blood clots in the legs from sitting too long, befitting dehydrated from lack of fluid intake or drinking too much alcohol, and not walking much when delayed in an airport or drill station can be serious.

Driving for hours to reach a destination after a desire day at work can be as equally worrisome due to fatigue and eyestrain". When traveling by car, method to stop every few hours to get out and stretch your legs in order to prevent blood clots from forming, he advised mummy ko viagra khilaya sex stories. Letting your children out to succession and play in a safe setting will also help them burn energy and may institute them more relaxed when they get back into the car.

If you're traveling by plane, be sure to stretch your legs. On trips longer than three hours, countenance up and move around at least once. If you're in a crate or plane, don't cross your legs while sitting for long periods, because this can hinder adequate blood circulation. To shun sleepiness while driving, be sure to get a good night's sleep the prime before the trip.

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Doctors Recommend A New Drug For The Prevention Of HIV Infection

Doctors Recommend A New Drug For The Prevention Of HIV Infection.

Should populace in hazard of contracting HIV because they have risky sex fit in a pill to prevent infection, or will the medication encourage them to take even more sexual risks? After years of contest on this question, a new international study suggests the medication doesn't lead persons to stop using condoms or have more sex with more people. The research isn't definitive, and it hasn't changed the care for of every expert enjoy naturomax ludington price. But one of the study's co-authors said the findings support the drug's use as a respect to prevent infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

And "People may have more partners or stop using condoms, but as well as we can tell, it's not because of taking the slip to prevent HIV infection ," said study co-author Dr Robert Grant, a superior investigator with the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology in San Francisco. The medication in dubiousness is called Truvada, which combines the drugs emtricitabine and tenofovir startvigrx.top. It's normally employed to treat people who are infected with HIV, but research - in garish and bisexual men and in straight couples with one infected partner - have shown that it can lower the risk of infection in the crowd who become exposed to the virus through sex.

However, it does not eliminate the risk of infection. The US Food and Drug Administration approved the pharmaceutical for prevention purposes in 2012. Few people seem to be taking it for hindrance purposes, however. Its manufacturer, Gilead, has disclosed that about 1700 people are taking the drug for that understanding in the United States. In the new study, researchers found that expected rates of HIV and syphilis infection decreased in almost 2500 men and transgender women when they took Truvada.

The mug up participants, who all faced far up risk of HIV infection, were recruited in Peru, Ecuador, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand and the United States. Some of the participants took Truvada while others took an somnolent placebo. Those who believed they were taking Truvada "were just as non-poisonous as everyone else," Grant said, suggesting that they weren't more suitable to stop using condoms or be more promiscuous because they believed they had extra care against HIV infection.

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