Yoga helps with heart disease

Yoga helps with heart disease.

Chances are that you've heard reliable things about yoga. it can rest you. It can get you fit - just look at the bodies of some celebrities who chant yoga's praises. And, more and more, yoga is purported to be able to cure numerous medical conditions. But is yoga the panacea that so many hold it to be? Yes and no, rephrase the experts Dec 2013 find out more. Though yoga certainly can't cure all that ails you, it does forth significant benefits.

And "Yoga is great for flexibility, for strength, and for posture and balance," said Dr Rachel Rohde, a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and an orthopedic surgeon for the Beaumont Health System in Royal Oak, Mich. "Yoga can assistant with a lot of musculoskeletal issues and pain, but I wouldn't weight it cures any orthopedic condition here i found it. Most practitioners would ascertain you that yoga isn't just about construction muscle or strength.

"One of the issues in this country is that people think of yoga only as exercise and scrutinize to do the most physically hard poses possible," explained Dr Ruby Roy, a chronic infection physician at LaRabida Children's Hospital in Chicago who's also a certified yoga instructor. "That may or may not facilitate you, but it also could hurt you. The right yoga can help you. One of the basic purposes of a yoga practice is relaxation.

Your heart rate and your blood pressure should be belittle when you finish a class, and you should never be short of breath. Whatever kind of yoga relaxes you and doesn't seem like exercise is a good choice. What really matters is, are you in your body or are you going into a status of mindfulness? You want to be in the pose and aware of your breaths".

Roy said she uses many of the principles of yoga, especially the breathing aspects, to ease children sleep, reduce anxiety, help with post-traumatic stress disorder, for asthma, autism and as beam and pain management during procedures. "I may or may not call it yoga. I may say, 'Let's do some exercises to unwind you for sleep,'" she said. Bess Abrahams, a yoga psychoanalyst with the Integrative Medicine and Palliative Care Team at Children's Hospital at Montefiore in New York City, also uses yoga to domestic children who are in the hospital for cancer treatment and other serious conditions.

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New Methods For The Reanimation Of Human With Cardiac Arrest

New Methods For The Reanimation Of Human With Cardiac Arrest.

When a person's essence stops beating, most danger personnel have been taught to start insert a breathing tube through the victim's mouth, but a new Japanese study found that approach may truly lower the chances of survival and lead to worse neurological outcomes. Health care professionals have covet been taught the A-B-C method, focusing first on the airway and breathing and then circulation, through ovation compressions on the chest, explained Dr Donald Yealy, chair of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and co-author of an position statement accompanying the study next page. But it may be more important to first restore announcement and get the blood moving through the body.

So "We're not saying the airway isn't important, but rather that securing the airway should happen after succeeding in restoring the pulse". The examine compared cases of cardiac arrest in which a breathing tube was inserted - considered advanced airway directors - to cases using stuffy bag-valve-mask ventilation view website. There are a number of reasons why the use of a breathing tube in cardiac arrest may trim effectiveness and even the odds of survival.

And "Every time you stop chest compressions, you start at nobody building a wave of perfusion getting the blood to circulate. You're on a clock, and there are only so many hands in the field". Study founder Dr Kohei Hasegawa, a clinical instructor in surgery at Harvard Medical School, gave another point to prioritize chest compressions over airway restoration. Because many first responders don't get the unlooked-for to place breathing tubes more than once or twice a year "it's difficult to get practice, so the chances you're doing intubation successfully are very small".

Hasegawa also popular that it's especially difficult to insert a breathing tube in the field, such as in someone's living area or out on the street. Yealy said that inserting what is called an "endotracheal tube" or a "supraglottic over-the-tongue airway" in populate who have a cardiac arrest out of the hospital has been standard training since the 1970s.

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Scientists Have Discovered A New Method Of Detecting Cancer

Scientists Have Discovered A New Method Of Detecting Cancer.

A green proof marketed as an alternative to a mammogram for breast cancer detection is not an telling screening TOOL, US health officials say. With the nipple aspirate test, a knocker pump collects fluid from a woman's nipple. The fluid is then examined for weirdo and potentially cancerous cells our website. The test is advertised as easier, more comfortable and less painful than mammograms.

However, there is no corroboration to support claims that the test can detect breast cancer, said Dr David Lerner, a medical lawman at the US Food and Drug Administration and a breast imaging specialist "FDA's shtick is that the nipple aspirate test is being touted as a standalone tool to screen for and interpret breast cancer as an alternative to mammography," Lerner said in an agency news release.

So "Our spectre is that women will forgo a mammogram and have this test instead". Skipping a mammogram could put a woman's vigour and life at risk if breast cancer goes undetected, Lerner warned. He said there is no systematic evidence that the nipple aspirate test, when used on its own, is an effective screening tool for boob cancer or any other medical condition.

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Researchers Warn About The Harmful Influence Of TV

Researchers Warn About The Harmful Influence Of TV.

A unknown survey suggests that immersing yourself in news of a shocking and tragic event may not be good for your warm health. People who watched, read and listened to the most coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings - six or more hours continually - reported the most acute stress levels over the following weeks related site. Their symptoms were worse than commonality who had been directly exposed to the bombings, either by being there or knowing someone who was there.

Those exposed to the media coverage typically reported around 10 more symptoms - such as re-experiencing the catastrophe and awareness stressed out thinking about it - after the results were adjusted to account for other factors. The study authors roughly the findings should raise more concern about the effects of graphic news coverage. The delve into comes with caveats view site. It's not clear if watching so much coverage directly caused the stress, or if those who were most fake share something in common that makes them more vulnerable.

Nor is it known whether the stress affected people's real health. Still, the findings offer insight into the triggers for stress and its potential to linger, said contemplate author E Alison Holman, an associate professor of nursing science at the University of California, Irvine. "If kinfolk are more stressed out, that has an impact on every part of our life. But not everybody under the sun has those kinds of reactions.

It's important to understand that variation". Holman, who studies how people become stressed, has worked on quondam research that linked acute stress after the 9/11 attacks to later compassion disease in people who hadn't shown signs of it before. Her research has also linked watching the 9/11 attacks be to a higher rate of later physical problems. In the new study, researchers cast-off an Internet survey to ask questions of 846 Boston residents, 941 New York City residents and 2888 commonalty from the rest of the country.

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Experts Recommend Spending The Holidays At Home

Experts Recommend Spending The Holidays At Home.

The respite age is one of the most dangerous times of the year on US roads. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, as many as 900 common people nationwide could die in crashes caused by drunk driving, cover officials report recommended site. "We've made tremendous strides in changing the social norms associated with drinking and driving, but the puzzler is far from solved," Jonathan Adkins, deputy executive director for the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) said in an organization news release.

And "Alcohol-impaired driving claimed 10,322 lives stand up year, an increase of 4,6 percent compared with 2011. That's an alarming statistic and one we're committed to address". The GHSA and its members - which embody all 50 pomp highway safety offices - are joining federal and position police to launch the annual Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over program learn more here. The resourcefulness combines high-visibility law enforcement with advertising and grassroots efforts to detect and obstruct drunk driving.

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Untreated Viral Hepatitis Leads To Liver Cancer

Untreated Viral Hepatitis Leads To Liver Cancer.

A breed of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, is increasing in the United States, and form officials trace to much of the rise to untreated hepatitis infections. Chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C are important for 78 percent of hepatocellular carcinoma around the world extra resources. In the United States, as many as 5,3 million occupy have chronic viral hepatitis and don't know it, according to the May 6 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

So "The liver cancer rates are increasing in distinction to most other principal forms of cancer," said Dr John Ward, executive of CDC's viral hepatitis division and co-author of the report more about the author. Viral hepatitis is a larger reason for the increase.

The rate of hepatocellular carcinoma increased from 2,7 per 100,000 persons in 2001 to 3,2 in 2006 - an undistinguished annual increase of 3,5 percent, according to the report. The highest rates are seen all Asian Pacific Islanders and blacks, the CDC researchers noted.

This is of thing because opportunities exist for prevention. "There is a vaccine against hepatitis B that is routinely given to infants - so our children are protected, but adults, for the most part, are not". In addition, thorough treatments be for both hepatitis B and C. "These will be even more effective in the expected when new drugs currently in development come on the market".

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Complex Diagnostic Of Prostate Cancer

Complex Diagnostic Of Prostate Cancer.

Prostate biopsies that associate MRI technology with ultrasound appear to give men better communication regarding the seriousness of their cancer, a new study suggests. The restored technology - which uses MRI scans to help doctors biopsy very established portions of the prostate - diagnosed 30 percent more high-risk cancers than gonfanon prostate biopsies in men suspected of prostate cancer, researchers reported helpful hints. These MRI-targeted biopsies also were better at weeding out low-risk prostate cancers that would not command to a man's death, diagnosing 17 percent fewer low-grade tumors than emblem biopsy, said senior author Dr Peter Pinto.

He is pitch of the prostate cancer section at the US National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Research in Bethesda, MD. These results bespeak that MRI-targeted biopsy is "a better procedure of biopsy that finds the aggressive tumors that need to be treated but also not finding those trifling microscopic low-grade tumors that are not clinically important but lead to overtreatment" additional reading. Findings from the study are published in the Jan 27, 2015 Journal of the American Medical Association.

Doctors performing a post biopsy use ultrasound to navigate needles into a man's prostate gland, generally taking 12 core samples from foregone sections. The problem is, this type of biopsy can be inaccurate, said survey lead author Dr Mohummad Minhaj Siddiqui, an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and guide of urologic robotic surgery at the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center in Baltimore.

And "Occasionally you may misunderstand the cancer or you may glance the cancer, just get an crawl of it, and then you don't know the full extent of the problem". In a targeted biopsy, MRIs of the suspected cancer are fused with real-time ultrasound images, creating a map of the prostate that enables doctors to pinpoint and try suspecting areas. Prostate cancer testing has become kind of controversial in recent years, with medical experts debating whether too many men are being diagnosed and treated for tumors that would not have led to their deaths.

Removal of the prostate gland can cause heartbroken side effects, including impotence and incontinence, according to the US National Cancer Institute. But, even if a tumor isn't life-threatening, it can be psychologically baffling not to investigate the tumor. To test the effectiveness of MRI-targeted biopsy, researchers examined just over 1000 men who were suspected of prostate cancer because of an offbeat blood screening or rectal exam.

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Heroes Movie Look Like Alcoholics

Heroes Movie Look Like Alcoholics.

Iconic CIA man character James Bond drinks so much and so often that in material life he'd be incapable of chasing down villains or wooing lewd vamps, a new study contends. "The level of functioning as displayed in the books is inconsistent with the physical, conceptual and indeed sexual functioning expected from someone drinking this much alcohol," wrote a line-up led by Dr Patrick Davies, of Nottingham University Hospitals, in England continued. His set analyzed the famous spy's alcohol consumption and found that it was more than four times higher than the recommended intake for an grown-up male.

This puts Bond at high risk for several alcohol-related diseases - including drunk liver disease, cirrhosis, impotence and alcohol-induced tremor - and an near the start death. The alcohol-induced tremor may explain why Bond prefers his martinis "shaken, not stirred," the read authors joked visit this link. They added that the alcoholism-induced tremor in his hands means he's unpropitious to be able to stir his drinks, even if he wants to.

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Light Daily Exercise Slow The Aging Process

Light Daily Exercise Slow The Aging Process.

Short bouts of exert can go a elongate way to reduce the impact stress has on cell aging, new enquire reveals. Vigorous physical activity amounting to as little as 14 minutes daily, three light of day per week would suffice for the protective effect to kick in, according to findings published online in the May 26 question of PLoS ONE. The apparent benefit reflects exercise's make on the length of tiny pieces of DNA known as telomeres visit website. These telomeres operate, in effect, love molecular shoelace tips that hold everything together to keep genes and chromosomes stable.

Researchers feel that telomeres tend to shorten over time in reaction to stress, best to a rising risk for heart disease, diabetes and even death. However, exercise, it seems, might circumspectly down or even halt this shortening process. "Telomere length is increasingly considered a biological marker of the accumulated wear-and-tear of living, integrating genetic influences, lifestyle behaviors and stress," think over co-author Elissa Epel, an accomplice professor in the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) bureau of psychiatry, said in a news release citation. "Even a moderate amount of vigorous exercise appears to lend a critical amount of protection for the telomeres".

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How to carry luggage safely

How to carry luggage safely.

Carrying and lifting deep impedimenta during the holidays can lead to neck, wrist, back and shoulder pain and injuries unless you take individual safety precautions, an orthopedic surgeon says. In 2012, nearly 54000 luggage-related injuries occurred in the United States, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Dec 2013 visit website. "Holiday globe-trotting can be uniquely stressful and physically taxing, especially when transporting upsetting and cumbersome luggage," said Dr Warner Pinchback, a spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

And "To guard that you make the grade at your holiday destination free from pain, it's important to know how to optimally choose, pack, display and lift your luggage," he added in an academy news release. The academy offers the following gear safety tips. When buying new luggage, excellent a sturdy, lightweight piece with wheels and a handle more info. Don't overpack.

Try to carry items in a few smaller bags a substitute of one large suitcase. Keep in mind that many airlines restrict the size and cross of carry-on luggage. Bend your knees when lifting. The safe way to hoist a encumbered item such as luggage is to stand alongside of it, bend at the knees - not the waist - and use your support muscles as you grab the handle and straighten up. Be sure to hold the bag culmination to your body when lifting.

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